ISBM was established with the idea of delivering management education to the learners and pave the foundation for their careers.

The faculty of ISBM not only guide the students in their academic pursuit, but direct their thoughts and actions in the positive direction. They encourage the students to develop in their careers, thereby making the ISBM MBA course valuable.  Their efforts are focused on achieving integral development of the students and in moulding them towards good career prospects.

The distance education MBA course offered by ISBM is highly valuable as it provides a global perspective to the program, enhances job credibility for students, and offers continual support for the overall development of learners.

The two-year MBA program at ISBM is highly valuable and instils in students the spirit to face the challenges of the contemporary world while building a strong foundation. The institute exposes students to a fast-paced, career-minded atmosphere, creating an excellent learning environment that makes the ISBM MBA Course more trusted, cherished, and valued.

Graduates from ISBM have multiple employment opportunities.

ISBM provides online courses for its learners with the latest management skills – and practical training and education for equipping the students with International Job Opportunities.
ISBM MBA Program is designed with all flexibility and has the following features

  • Self-Learning materials.
  • Continuous evaluation mainly through computer marked or tutor marked assignments for practical as well as theory subjects for each course and through training/workshops/projects etc
  • Term-end examination for viva voce, theoretical and practical examination as per rules.

The ISBM MBA Program is meticulously designed with utmost flexibility and incorporates the following key features: Comprehensive Curriculum, Flexibility in Learning, Global Perspective, Experienced Faculty, Industry Collaborations, Career Support and continuous interaction. ISBM MBA Program’s flexibility and its various features make it an attractive choice for aspiring business professionals seeking a well-rounded and adaptable education.

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