Dr. Vinay Agrawal, Ph.D., MBA, BE. in Computer Science, serves as the Chancellor at ISBM University and  Executive Director at Indian School of Business Management & Administration. He is a highly acclaimed person with enthusiastic zeal and an ambition to bring innovative changes to the education system. His pioneering efforts towards the Indian Education system are unparalleled. He is highly competent with excellent leadership qualities, organizing qualities, and decision-making capability.

He has the power to influence his staff towards defined outcomes. He keeps his employees motivated through the use of rewards, benefits, and so on. He can harmonize each staff member’s personal goals with the organization’s overall objectives so that the entire staff contributes to the goal achievement of the organization. When the team is motivated, they give their best to the students, which is why the ever-increasing demand and success of his highly acclaimed Institute ISBM.

“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” —George Bernard Shaw

Dr. Vinay Agrawal is a visionary thinker with a relentless ambition to reform the education system and collaborate it with research and innovation.  He is also the founder and trustee of St. Peter’s High School, Mumbai. An educationist with solid leadership qualities. Several awards have rewarded his gratitude for his contribution to the field of education. Awards such as Shiksha Bharti Puraskar-2010 and Bharat Vikas Ratna-2012 are to his credits. A true visionary who strives to spread education in all parts of the world.

Dr. Vinay Agrawal is a Versatile Personality who has experience in a variety of fields:

  • Research
  • Management
  • Team Management
  • Business Strategy
  • Business Development

He is the person who can think beyond the current rules and resources to see a different way of working. It stands true for the education entrepreneur Dr. Vinay Agrawal that “entrepreneurs do more than anyone thinks possible with less than anyone thinks possible.”

He established the Most innovative distance-learning institute ISBM, and with his efforts and diligence, he got various accreditations to the institute to make it a global success.

Dr. Vinay Agrawal is not only the Chief Executive Director of ISBM.   He is the owner of the Dharti Residency group of Companies.  He also owns the famous St. Peter’s School in Mumbai.  He is a builder and also renowned in the field of logistics.   He is a dynamic and versatile personality widely recognized for shaping the Indian education system and innovator in distance education; he is recognized for his outstanding contribution to higher education in  India and globally.

Managing an organization is not an easy job. There are so many intricacies associated with healthily operating an organization. Dr. Agrawal is highly competent to handle the complexities arising during various functions of the organization.

Characteristics of Dr. Vinay Agrawal:

Dr. Vinay Agrawal can get himself going and take charge of what’s next for him; it is a vital personal characteristic for a manager. He, therefore, can motivate those who work with him.

Integrity: People trust him because they know he has personal integrity.
Dependability/Reliability: As a person, he is dependable and reliable.  His superiors, as well as his subordinates, rely on him entirely.

Optimism: His optimistic attitude helps build morale in his employees. His positive attitude can inspire others and help them feel good about getting things done.

Confidence:  Dr. Vinay has confidence in himself.  He can make decisions in faith.

Calmness: Can remain calm and do what needs to be done is essential in a good manager.

Flexibility:  Dr. Vinay has the required flexibility which a manager needs since he may need to adapt to changing situations.
Dr. Vinay has sharp business acumen.  He has familiarity with basic business principles and practices that are very helpful for the organization’s success.
Industry Knowledge: He has a good understanding of the education industry and so he works effectively.

Knows When to Delegate: As An effective manager, Dr. Vinay knows the tasks he needs to delegate. He identifies the employees who will do well and give them tasks they can succeed at — leading the organization to success.
Organization: He is a highly organized personality who keeps track of projects, employees, and assignments.

Essential Money Management:  Dr. Vinay understands basic financial concepts and appropriately manages money and finances.

Relationship Qualities:

Dr. Vinay knows how to manage relationships between himself and his subordinates and manage relationships among those who work under him.

He has built good relationships with customers, knows how to relate to customers, and sees things from their perspectives. All this has given him overall success.

Dr. Vinay is a master in conflict resolution techniques him an expert team player.   He is able and efficiently manages the team. He always has a will to work with others while holding up his end.   He is very modest and courteous; he is respectful to his employees. He sets an example and builds relationships that are strong and full of respect.

He can work well with others and understand how to integrate ideas and personalities.

Dr. Vinay always helps employees, and so they feel valued and motivated. He recognizes and appreciates the works of his employees and keeps their morale high.

His paramount quality is an ability to motivate employees to carry out goals, using techniques ranging from encouraging awarding financial bonuses.

Leading by example is Dr. Vinay’s crucial trait. He always keeps his students motivated and keeps communicating with them. He urges them to learn from difficult workplace experiences. He keeps guiding students and tells them that judgment, diplomacy, and sensitivity — must be acquired through experiences. Diplomacy, in particular, will be an increasingly important skill for corporate leaders as business becomes more global. He motivates the students to be good leaders.

Dr. Vinay is a trendsetter, and he makes his students learn all personality traits by himself following them. The following things are practiced and taught at ISBM, his visionary educational institute.