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The courses of ISBM are the most eye-catching and primary choice of as the learners as they are internationally acclaimed by associations such as  Richfield university and CMI. The wonderful opportunity of distance learning compounded with e-learning makes the MBA Program a greater advantage for the students.

The students feel contended, overwhelmed and privileged as they get better choices for their career and education. The students get the  option of learning along with managing work, which gives the students a satisfaction and this gives the ISBM courses an edge over the other courses.

ISBM is also in association with National Academy of Indian Payroll. It has collaboration with BBC and that  makes continuous interaction possible and this makes it is easy to learn the subjects.  ISBM is one of the leading  Indian business school having the mark of Globally Assured  Quality Education.

The students feel self-important to be part of an institute which is registered with Government of Maharashtra and certified by various bodies like ACS Registrars that is endorsed by UKAS. UKAS being widely known United Kingdom Accreditation service, also approved by the Council Of Distance Learning India – [CODL] for providing them an opportunity of distance learning, the MBA is also agreed by Accreditation services for certifying bodies [ASCBE](Europe) and National Development Agency for higher education and management education [NCHEMS]. The learners get a better online experience of exams as ISBM has partnership with Aptech testing services for online examination [ATTEST].

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